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mtDNA Pedigree of Participant # 146000 hg T2



Mary Elizabeth KEEN

b. Dec. 1, 1924 Leslie Co., Kentucky

m. McKinley SIZEMORE

b. June 15, 1923 Leslie Co., Kentucky

m. February 26, 1946



b. Nov. 15, 1891 Leslie Co., Kentucky

d. May 12, 1960  Leslie Co., Kentucky

m. Cash M. KEEN

b. April 30, 1893 Kentucky

d. November 16, 1966 Perry Co., Kentucky (Lived Leslie Co., Kentucky)


Great Grandmother:

Polly Ann ASHER

b. abt. 1844 Clay Co., Kentucky

d. Oct. 29, 1926 Leslie Co., Kentucky

Partner: William “Navy Bill” SIZEMORE


GG Grandmother:

Jane “Jenny” ASHER

b. abt. 1817 Perry Co., Kentucky

d. abt. 1893 Leslie Co., Kentucky

Partner: unknown


GGG Grandmother:

Henrietta BOWLING:

b. abt. 1801 Clay Co., Kentucky

d. 1855 Perry Co., Kentucky

m. Dillian ASHER

b. abt. 1799 Tennessee

d. 1858 Perry Co., Kentucky


GGGG Grandmother:

b. abt. 1783

d. before 1848 Clay or Perry Co., Kentucky

m. John E. BOWLING

b. 1777

d. 1827 Clay or Perry Co., Kentucky


GGGGG Grandmother:


b. abt. 1750

d. 1839 Perry Co., Kentucky

m. George “All” SIZEMORE

b. abt. 1750

d. 1822 Clay or Perry Co., Kentucky


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