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mtDNA Pedigree of Participant # 73910 hg T2


Dola Florence CAUDILL
b: Jan. 8, 1894 in Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma
m: Silas RICHEY
d: July 28, 1976 in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Rebecca Jane MARCUM
b: Sept. 16, 1855 in Clay County, Oklahoma
m: Joseph Daniel CAUDILL
d: Nov. 10, 1930 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas

Great Grandmother:
Mahala ASHER
b: 1830 in Clay County, Kentucky
m: Phillip MARCUM
d: between 1895-1900 in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, now Coal County, Oklahoma

GG Grandmother:
Rebecca BEGLEY
b: about 1800
m: William Blevins ASHER, SR.
d: between 1870-1880 in Clay County, Kentucky

GGG Grandmother:
b: about 1772
m: William BEGLEY, SR.
d: Sept. 20, 1855 in Perry County, Kentucky

GGGG Grandmother:
b: about 1750 in North Carolina
m: George "All" SIZEMORE
d: about 1839 in Perry County, Kentucky


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