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Sizemore DNA Project

Updated Aug 1, 2009

Sizemore DNA Project

Y-Chromosome DNA analysis of over 100 Sizemore males has now been completed. Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX was chosen in 2002 to perform the tests for the Sizemore Surname DNA Project. At that time, it was felt that a 12 marker test was a good place to begin a project of this sort. It was then believed, an exact match of all 12 markers from any two tested individuals would indicate that it was highly likely that they descend from a common ancestor in a genealogically useful timeframe. This could provide valuable information to family researchers trying to determine whether different Sizemore lines are related. We now know that the common ancestor of a 12 marker match could be many generations back. Hundreds of years, in fact. So if you want to learn just how recently your ancestor fits in, you may want to start with the 25, 37 or 67 marker test, also discounted for test participants and at an additional savings if ordered initially.

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However if you want to start with the 12 marker test, it is simple to upgrade to the 25 marker test later if the results indicate it would be an added benefit. Since FamilyTreeDNA retains a DNA sample for each participant for 25 years at no extra charge, it will not be necessary to submit another sample, if you have been previously tested by them. New types of tests, including a refine up 67 markers and new subclade tests, are becoming available and you may want to have one of the newer tests run on your sample. Knowing this will be possible in the future is an added benefit to members of a project using Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX.


By setting up a Family Reconstruction Project at Family Tree DNA, the Sizemore DNA Project Group is taking advantage of a substantial group discount. It also allows us access to the test results, so we can see whether each of the Sizemore lines is related (or not related) to one another.

New Pricing Structure:

Y-DNA37 $169
Y-DNA67 $268
Y-DNA111 $359
mtDNAPlus $69
mtFull Sequence $199
Family Finder $99
Family Finder + Y-DNA37 $268
Family Finder + Y-DNA67 $367
Family Finder + mtDNA $298
Comprehensive Genome $566


In order to take this test, you must be a male Sizemore (spelling variations are welcomed: i.e.; Sisemore, Sizemor, etc.)and you must have an ancestry chart. Participants should realize that they may not receive the results they are expecting and be prepared for this possibility. Help will be freely given to prepare an ancestry chart if you need help.


All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are descended on a direct paternal or maternal line from Sizemore, Sisemore, or any variant are welcome to join the Sizemore Geographical DNA Project! Since some of our Y haplogroup markers are quite rare, consideration will be given to the possibility of including males with matching Y haplogroup markers irregardless of surname.


As we move well into the sixth year of this project, we really need more participants to get a better idea about the several different Sizemore lines. The information obtained by these tests is very important to all Sizemore descendants. If you can donate any amount, we urge you to do so. In most cases the entire cost of the test is borne by the participant. But we need a procedure in place to test important lines not previously tested that might otherwise not be done. In the past our project has benefited from the generosity of several family members listed here. There is now a place to donate at the Family Tree DNA site. You can donate any amount by credit card, PayPal or check and it will be there for future test participants that the administrators feel are important to learn more about SIZEMORE genealogy. You can honor a family member by donating in their memory. Click Here to make a contribution to the Sizemore DNA Project.

How to Join the Group

If you're interested in joining the Sizemore DNA project :

1. Email the project volunteer coordinators, Bryan Sizemore and Joy King, and include your address and phone and/or fax number. Also send a pedigree chart, including as much as possible of the following info for yourself and each male Sizemore ancestor (father, grandfather, etc.):

a. birth: date & place (state & county);
b. marriage: date & place (state & county);
c. death date & place (state & county)
d. each spouse's name, birth / death info.

2. This is NOT a blood test. Your genetic test kit consists of a cheek scraper and a collection tube. In about five minutes, you will be able to read the instructions and perform a painless cheek scraping. You will return the kit and your check to Family Tree DNA. Click here to view pictures of the collection process.

3. FamilyTree performs the DNA tests. After approximately seven weeks they will send the results to you and to the project coordinator/administrator.

4. As the results come in, we will make them available online at this site, so that the various Sizemore lines can be compared. Family Tree DNA will assist in interpreting the DNA results. A code will be assigned by the project coordinator/administrator, who will be the only person other than yourself to know your individual results. We will not use your name or the name of any living person in your line without your permission;. We will only use your pedigree to identify the various Sizemore lines.
Joy King, a noted Sizemore researcher, will provide invaluable genealogical assistance.

FamilyTree DNA has a DNA FAQ Page that answers many questions. Click on the logo to go to the home page.

Their results will give you an idea of what kinds of things we might find out.

Please e-mail Joy King and/or Bryan Sizemore
if you have additional questions.


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The SIZEMORE Y Chromosome DNA Study is not connected in any way to any other DNA testing company other than Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX. Neither does this project nor do the administrators receive any financial incentives for using this company. An ancestral chart is required for participation in this group study in order to obtain the group reduced rate. If you need help with your SIZEMORE Genealogy, you have come to the right place. There are no fees other than the cost of your test.


Find out more about DNA testing for genealogy.
Visit the Family Tree DNA website by clicking on their logo!


Co-administrators of the Sizemore Y Chromosome Project:

Volunteers: Joy King and Bryan Sizemore

Members of   ISOGG

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